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Compassion Mediation


We approach all conflicts from the Biblical principle of Romans 12:18: living at peace with everyone whenever possible. 

Whether you are considering a separation or divorce, dealing with parenting plans or simply dealing with stressful family issues, we can help you resolve disputed issues so that you can move forward to a time of reconciliation and healing.

We offer mediation, parenting coordination and even conflict resolution coaching (when one party is not yet willing to agree to mediation) that is convenient, efficient & affordable and most importantly, mediation works.  Minimize the fighting and take the first step towards reconciliation and healing.


Professional Services

What We Provide

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Free Initial Consultation

We are always available and encourage you to contact us to find out if mediation or parenting coordination would be beneficial to you.  We are also more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the process, our mediation philosophy, billing or the specific services we provide.

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Mediation To Stay Married

Marriage Mediation offers an alternative or even a supplement to marriage counseling.

 Many couples, married or co-habitating, want to stay together but have not been able to find effective ways of resolving their differences, resulting in disputes that lead them to consider divorce or separation. It can be extremely beneficial to intentionally identify and discuss the problematic issues, negotiate possible solutions and put those plans and goals in writing. 

Marriage Mediation and the negotiation of a post-nuptial agreement can help couples strengthen their marriage or partnership with mutually satisfying and long-lasting results.


Divorce or Legal Separation Mediation

Divorce or Separation Mediation is an extremely helpful and often court-ordered resource for couples (married and unmarried) who are in the process of separation or divorce. 

Mediation is also an effective means of dealing with post-divorce issues, such as needed changes in child custody, visitation, and support.

Divorce mediation is almost always faster, less costly, and less divisive than traditional adversarial procedures. 

Plus mediation allows couples to reach an agreement that is tailored to fit their specific needs and interests.


Parenting Mediation

Parenting Mediation is a peaceful and often faster way to develop a Parenting Plan that works for parents who are no longer able to be together but still want to coparent. 

Mediation allows parents the opportunity to discuss how best to arrange or make modifications to their ongoing co-parenting arrangement.

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Court-Ordered Mediation

Many states, including Colorado, require a 2-hour mediation session as part of the divorce process.

In other words, all parties are required to sit down together and make a good faith effort to resolve as many issues as possible before taking those issues to court.

Your initial 2-hour mediation session with Compassion will satisfy the court's requirement and in most cases, the parties are able to resolve and agree on the majority of the issues peacefully, saving money and time in court.


My wife and I have three young children and, sadly, we had reached place in our relationship where getting a divorce was our only option.  We didn't want to keep fighting so we agreed not to hire attorneys.  We didn't have the money, time or the hearts to go through a long, expensive legal process.

Really we just wanted to do what was best for our children and us.  Compassion Mediation walked us through the process in a straightforward way, we were able to reach an agreement on the parenting and financial issues and before we knew it, our divorce was final.  


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Free Initial Consultation 

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